Rev. Dr. Anita Farber-Robertson

My call is to a special ministry of loving a congregation into being who they dream to be.  Offering a holding space in which it is safe to wonder and safe to learn, congregations can rediscover themselves and what brings them joy and meaning. 

I get great joy from watching congregations blossom as they recognize their capacities and claim their dreams as intentional goals.  My job is to set them free to pursue what they love and what they dream to do, equipping them along the way.

I opened an email from a member of the congregation I am serving who had just finished reading my Interim Minister’s Annual Report.  She said:

“Of course, you can't put this in your report, but the year would not have been so successful without your endless enthusiasm and support! You gave us back to ourselves. Thank you.”

She has captured my hopes for any congregation I serve. It is my intention to create the tools and the space in which a congregation can assess itself, conceive a future, identify its gifts and strengths and develop a strategy for becoming the congregation they wish to be.  Most congregations have more gifts and capacities within themselves than they know or have tapped.  Together we can release the energy, employ the reclaimed skills, learn new skills, and become the change the congregation dreams.

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